Education  plays an important role at St. John's.  From September - May, at 9:30  a.m. all children, age 3 through 8th grade are invited to participate  in the Sunday School program.  Bible stories, memory work, music, and  daily issues are discussed at the different levels by teachers and  students.  A two year confirmation program is provided for students in  8th and 9th grade with confirmation being celebrated in the spring of  the year.  Finally, all youth are encouraged to attend worship  services.  It has been often observed that children learn the most by  participating in worship with their family.

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Volunteers Needed!

The  Board of Education is seeking teachers for the rotational plan in  grades primary-6. Each month will have a different theme that will be  taught by a variety of teachers. Contact the church office (563-3623) if  you can help teach during the coming months. It is only a 3 week  commitment.

Thank you to all of our volunteers! We currently have enough teachers!

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